Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs

JOAC is a member of the FBHVC which exists to maintain our freedom to use Yesterday’s Vehicles on Tomorrow’s Roads.

There are several useful websites which provide additional detail on the Jowett Jupiter and affiliated Jowett clubs:

Jowett Jupiter  This definitive Jowett Jupiter website was set up by Edmund Nankivell in 1996 and contains a wealth of information.


Jowett Car Club : established in 1923, the JCC is the world’s oldest one make car club

Jowett Car Club Americas

Jowett Car Club of Australia

Jowett Car Club of New Zealand (Inc)
See – the website portal for all things related to Jowett cars including the JowettTalk forum, JowettGallery archive and services for all those interested in Jowetts worldwide.

UK Carowners’ Clubs

This site provides a useful directory of UK clubs and other information.